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So basically I decided I HAD to finish my Majora's Mask by Anime North.

This decision cost me about 4 or 5 nights of sleep entirely and well, I produced this by mid Sunday. It wasn't a big hit, but to hell with it I made a freaking Majora's Mask. 

Still not finished and I need to work on a mass production method. But this is the most I've done in like a year so yeah. That happened. 

I'm now focusing on making a full Skull Kid cosplay in time for ConBravo, as well as re-visiting unfinished cosplays namely pyramid head and my spacemarine, and considering my options for further cosplays. 

Some in-thought ideas for the skull kid cosplay include having a styrofoam constructed End of Time moon attached to a wire attached to my back to follow me around. Heheh. I think it'll be creative and sick as all hell.

Dark Samus and Dark Deity Link are both my current drawing-board cosplays in the making. We'll see where my blueprints take me.

I'm also slowly transitioning to a new username and profile. If I suddenly abandon this one, it's because I'm moving on to become more "professional" and clean up my act a bit or something.
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Silent Hill. It is my favourite series ever. I love everything about it (well, except the downfall it's begun since SH Origins)... Still. Can NOT get enough silent hill.
Anything else that's of the horror genre, I'm all over it.

I have never taken an art class aside from elementary and middle school.
I couldn't draw back in grade 7.
Now, using my trusty mechanical pencil, and an eraser, i draw random things. Along with various other projects. Not much gets done nowadays.

Looking into cosplay/costuming designing as a hobby. Anyone with suggestions/requests let me know and I'll make a list of cosplays to try and make. Times have changed and I'm making requests for people now. It's going very slow, and I have very little time to work, but it's been fun so far.

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Hellfrozensoul Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Might remove my drawings off of here... I'm really starting to grow a distaste for them.
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